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typ-n products are long lasting, aesthetically sophisticated fitments. The product line for the market entry is a small, consistent collection which by means of a manifold usage and the choice of material stands for flexibility and the preservation of values.

"Tri" is a collapsible shelf consisting of two ladder parts with round trays as shelves. Because of its triangular shape the rack can be used as corner shelf or free-standing in the room. The mobile object of wood and stainless steel is easy to transport, set up and dismantled quickly and can be space-savingly stowed.

The rollable container module "Pure" offers either open or hidden storage space. Its surface consists of mineral material – hygienic, without pores, waterproof and easy to maintain. “Pure” is optionally available with artfully milled fillets or with horizontal slitting which serves as holder for the shelves of stainless steel inside the container.

The third “type” is the bottle rack "Grand Cru". The function of the shelf results from its design. The alternately in the material omitted half shapes of the bottle-neck and the lower part of the bottle create the pattern at the front which characterises its appearance. The rack is accessible from both sides and can also be used as partition.

typ-n products respond to the needs and lifestyles of a changing society. typ-n are products that serve naturally in daily use. Because of its easy handling they can be used permanently in daily life or as a flexible interim solution. For typ-n, quality in processing and a contemporary design are decisive.